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Agnihotra – Bringing New Light to Homa Therapy

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Greetings! It is our pleasure to share with you a hidden treasure we have unlocked this past month called Agnihotra. Agnihotra is an ancient Vedic fire ceremony performed at the exact second of sunrise and sunset. It is one of the basic Homa Therapies that anyone can and everyone can do!

Although the ceremony has been lost as far as most of the world is concerned, there are communities of people all over the planet keeping the tradition alive-ourselves included.

To perform Agnihotra, you need a copper pyramid (of a specific size and shape), organic cow dung, ghee (clarified butter) organic integral rice, time coordinates for your latitude, matches and the discipline to wake up before sunrise! To assemble the fire, you take three small pieces of the dung (very important it is organic) and smear a layer of the ghee, creating a pyramid within the pyramid. You then light the dung and the ghee helps to spread the fire and keep it roaring. At the exact second of sunrise or sunset, you sing the appropriate mantra and twice you throw the rice into the fire as an offering. Afterwards, you sit with the fire and meditate until the flames and smoke burns out. Both are extremely cleansing and purifying. The fire is very powerful for the people participating, but actually, it can cleanse an area of 150 acres surrounding. That is a lot of surface space!

It all sounds nice, but how does it work?
Agnihotra works with the subtle energies of the universe, collecting and creating a magnetic field around the pyramid which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. The sunrise and sunset times around the planet create a half sphere of energy, and when those first rays of light his the earth, there is an explosion of energy for the atoms and molecules. This subtle explosion goes into the fire and travels like a double helix twelve kilometers into the air and then back down into the pyramid until the flames die out. The idea behind this is that we work to purify the toxic world we have created, and in return the atmosphere heals us. Agnihotra also works to neutralize radiation in the earth, water and air (this has been proven with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia).

This ancient Homa Therapy is also being applied to organic farming, called biodynamics. By performing the fire, the molecular and cellular structure of the soil and plant is changed, giving more nutrients to the fruit and less to the leaves, stems and roots. This ultimately leads to a greater, more bountiful yield of fruits and vegetables with increased size, flavor and texture. Performing the fire can also reduce pest problems.

The Agnihotra fire has many medicinal properties which can be utilized just by performing the fire and also with the resulting ash.

Our experience with the fire…In only two and a half short weeks, all of us participating in the fire have experienced a noticable increase in energy throughout the day, increase in overall health and well being, clarity of mind, inner peace, openness to give and receive love and a beautiful meditation every morning to start the day. The most rewarding aspect of performing this fire has not only been the change we feel within ourselves, but how we are affecting and inspiring our community members to join the fire. The more we share our experience, the more people are intrigued and inspired to ingite this positive change in their life. As the days go by, people of all ages and walks of life are coming through our door and sharing this beautiful ceremony with us.

When it comes to Agnihotra, we choose to hold the light.

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