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Healing House Wellness Fair

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We at the Healing House are having our monthly Wellness Fair on November the 18th. We will be featuring our therapists and teachers and offering free classes and treatments to our local community and tourist alike. We will start the day with an hour long asana practice followed by accupuncture, massage, and reflexology treatments. After a short break for lunch, our guests will have the opportunity to consult with our therapists including ayurvedic consultations. We will finish the day with Kundalini practice and a pilates series.

Our intention with this Wellness Fair is to bring new light and awareness to our local Cusquenian community so that we can share with them all that we have to offer. All Cusquenians have the opportunity to take regularly scheduled yoga and pilates free of charge, as well as receive treatments for free or for need based situations, however even with this golden opportunity, we are just not receiving the showing we would like. We hope that with this event, and continuing monthly events we can work to heal our community so in return they can heal others.