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Reiki Apprenticeship Level I – Final project

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Hello world,

The following article is about my project of Reiki apprenticeship level I. This project focuses on gardening and can be divided in two different parts:

First, I made an experience, which consisted in cultivating two plants in the same conditions. One receiving Reiki, the other one no. I bought two flower bulbs, the most similar I could find, same size, same color, then I planted them, same depth, same pot, same place, same amount of water and sun. I took care of giving them the exact same conditions to grow up. I started to give Reiki regularly to one bulb, saying all the time I loved it, that it will be a beautiful, big and healthy flower.


At the end of the apprenticeship period (21 days), I wondered why my plants weren’t growing at all, and it’s when I realized after checking on Internet that I planted them upside down. So to give them a chance to grow, I decided to turn the bulbs over. Doing, that I noticed that the one I wasn’t giving Reiki didn’t grow at all, and the one I gave Reiki was starting to grow backwards, with many roots and the beginning of the flower coming out toward the ground!


Finally in the right position, the flower that already started to grow came out in the sun and now it is starting to be a beautiful healthy red flower.
My conclusion: despite the fact that I initially planted the seeds upside down, the Reiki helped to grow in difficult/abnormal conditions showing the strength of divine light and love. We do carry our own light, as powerful as the sun’s, so why not share it and make everything benefit from it 🙂


The second part of the project was about giving Reiki to my aromatic plants and tomato cherry. The thing is that even if I gave them the same amount of Reiki, there was one plant I didn’t really want from the beginning, the Hierba Buena (I was kind of pushed to buy it), and when I think about it, I hadn’t the same love while practicing with her than with the others. It happened that this one was the sole in pretty bad shape… So I decided to give her more Reiki to compensate my initial indifferent behavior and above all, I tried to change my intention to something purer and loving. And the work has borne fruits! She’s finally beautiful and healthy. This helped me a lot to realize how powerful our intention is when we practice and do any kind of work.

On the other hand, I ended up almost killing the Basil, my most loved one, trying to repulse aphids by using directly essential oil on it… Stupid indeed, this act was a bit hard to understand for me but I realized it allowed me to change my way of seeing things, put all those great living being on the same level, equally, without any preferences or favoritism. And of course that applies for absolutely everything.


In total, I gave Reiki at least 7h to all the plants in 12 different sessions and given that Reiki showed me what I was expecting and so much more, I started to give Reiki to the other bulb 🙂

Thank you for reading, may you be happy and blessed in the divine love and light,