About Us

Healing House is a place to heal and grow for all of us- including those who live and work within it. It is about community-learning and sharing, growing and healing, together. Healing House is in constant motion. We are always growing and shifting in order to offer what our ever-evolving community needs.

We offer Reiki, yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, oracle readings, expressive art therapy, and sound healing. And again, new ideas and techniques are flowing in day by day. We are also a home for learning and discussion, offering a variety of classes, ceremonies and various artistic activities. We believe that true healing happens on an energetic level, and that mind, body and spirit must all align energetically in order for us to achieve and maintain physical and spiritual well-being. Because of this philosophy, we encourage healing through the use of a variety of techniques in order to facilitate positive energetic shifts within ones life.

Healing House is about manifesting beauty. Did I manifest Healing House? No. We all did, or better said, well all do. Everyone that comes through our doors builds another piece onto the structure, adds another line to the story. We are all Healing House-me writing this note and you reading it, the person studying Reiki and the person giving a massage-all of us. Here, there is no distinction between those providing the healing work and those receiving it; we are simultaneously healing ourselves and others.

Healing House is about creating and holding sacred space. Each of us, as part of the house, is responsible for maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all those who come through our doors. We are dedicated to providing an uplifting and inspiring home-a “light” house to those who are drawn to come here.

We are based in the San Blas neighborhood of Cusco, Peru. The city is known by many people far and wide as the energetic navel of the earth. The energy of Cusco is unique and intense; the Incans knew it, the locals know it, and many of the travelers wandering through can feel it. Although many people come to Cusco as tourists on their way to Machu Picchu, they are drawn to stay. They can sense the energy, and something tells them that Cusco has a message for them.

When I arrived, I thought I was just traveling through on my way elsewhere. I’m Niki, a Reiki master, trained yoga teacher, and founder of Healing House. After years of yoga practice and spiritual curiosity, I made my way to Cusco during a trip dedicated to my own healing, which as it turns out, is based on my role of facilitating the healing of others. Because I believe in a well-rounded approach to healing and spiritual growth, I aim to facilitate the different levels of the healing experience by offering a blend of yoga, Reiki, meditation, and creative exercises, specifically catered to one’s particular needs. The philosophy and creativity of my approach to healing draws largely upon my background in writing, the study of literature and philosophy, and my work as a singer-songwriter. Energetic health and balance means completing the circuit from the non-physical to the physical and back again, as ideas and emotions manifest into artful expression and that expression turns into new inspiration. This flow of energy creates more abundance, joy and vitality in our lives.

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