Become a Founding Member of Healing House & Pachānanda Retreat Center

Healing House is about to open its very own school and retreat center – Pachānanda – near Temple of the Moon in Cusco, Peru.

Make a contribution from $500USD to $5,000USD to become a Founding Member! As a Founding Member, you will choose a CRYSTAL to represent YOU – our version of “buy a brick”!

We will permanently place the crystal into the adobe structure of our altar at Pachānanda – for you to receive a lifetime of healing, prayers and super charging! Become a founding member today.  

Other ways to support the launch of PACHĀNANDA:

Distance Healing:

Purchase a Distance Healing Session for yourself or a loved one. Our team of energy workers will cleanse and supercharge you across distance. ($100USD)

THRIVE! Join this incredible Retreat at PACHĀNANDA.

Nourish and restore while opening the pathway to your most radiant self! Release limiting beliefs and upgrade your reality. Takes place during 13-moon/Mayan calendar portal days, enhancing the potential for breakthroughs! ($2,100USD) 

Host a Retreat at PACHĀNANDA.

Bring a group of friends or students to experience the magic of our school and retreat center. We can provide vegan superfood meals, excursions to sacred power sites, classes, workshops, circles and therapies. Email us to make a plan:

Thank you for sharing our vision for a more conscious world!