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Reiki I & II training, in March Sign up now!!

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Join us in our creative approach to this classic Usui training.

Reiki Training Level 1 – March  14-15

Reiki Training Level 2 – March 16-17

Reiki is a practice of Energy Medicine, which was formalized in Japan but has ancient roots throughout Asia and the Middle East. Reiki energy is transferred via laying on of the hands. This Reiki training is Usui/Takata lineage; you receive a certification upon completion.

Reiki I training initiates you into the practice, and you finish as a Reiki practitioner, with an understanding of the history and philosophy of Reiki, and ready to practice on yourself and others.

Reiki II training deepens your practice, initiating you into the use and understanding of sacred Reiki symbols used to intensify energy transmission, distance heal, and work more deeply on shifting mental and emotional patterns.

We cover not only the classic teachings of these two levels of Reiki, but also incorporate other helpful techniques and practices, like working with the chakras, how to use crystals, work with affirmations, and more. The course is also unique in its use of creative art and expression (drawing, movement, writing, etc.) as a tool to help us move and understand energy.

*Students decide for themselves if they want to participate in level one or both levels. If a student already has been initiated into level one with another teacher or institution, we ask them to sit in on our level one before proceeding with level two.




  1. Sarah
    febrero 23, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    My friend Jenna studied with this company years ago and I have been very interested in learning. I keep having dreams of healing with reiki. I think the universe is saying it’s time! What is the cost for these courses? Thank you so much!

    • admin
      febrero 26, 2019 at 2:41 pm

      Hello Sarah , thanks for your message .We already had Reiki Level 1 a month ago. But we can give you information about the next date , please send an e-mail : , the price is usually 250 USD or 800 soles . Have a beautiful day !


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