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Daily writing exercises to unleash your creativity

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Daily writing can focus your mind and unleash your creativity

Looking to focus your mind and expand your creative self? Try some of our favorite writing exercises.

Morning Pages. 

This fabulous exercise, from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, helps clear and focus your mind.

Daily Self-Awareness Journal. 

Keeping a daily journal is a great way to get to know yourself, find clarity and inner guidance. By just taking time out to write every day, like you are talking to an old friend, you will find new perspective on seemingly “big problems,” and you will inevitably heighten your awareness to how you are feeling and what is happening inside of yourself.  If you like, you can pose a theme or question that you would like guidance on, and you’ll be surprised at the information that will come through!  We suggest writing long hand with a real pen and paper for maximum connection and benefits, but typing is ok too.

You’re a Poet! 

From something you’ve written in your journal or morning pages, circle several words or phrases that strike you, say between 5 and 15.  Then write these words either at the top of a blank page, or down the lefthand side.  Challenge yourself to include each of the selected words or phrases in a poem.  You could model your poem in a certain classic structure, or freestyle.  Remember, not all poems have set rhyme and rhythm.  But in case you like structure, here are some classic styles.


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