RYT-200 Vinyasa Yoga Training + 75hr Yin Yoga certificate

  • Venue:
    Healing House Cusco
  • Start:
    January 15, 2018 12:00 am
  • End:
    February 19, 2018 12:00 am
  • Address:
    Q'anchipata 555
    Cusco, ,
  • Cost:

Learn more about the yoga teacher training program through a 3 min interview by Brandon Dupre interviewing Niki Coate (main teacher) or check out our promo video. For more details see the description below.  Feel free to ask any question through info@healinghousecusco.com.

Price updated

Healing House’s
Pachananda Yoga Teacher Training Program

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Five-week Immersion: Jan. 15 – Feb, 19, 2018

Cost: $2335USD

Deepen your yoga practice and step into the role of teacher while dedicating yourself to your own Joyful Awakening. Enter the time-space of spiritual bliss, Pachananda, to reveal your authentic self and the gifts you have for the world.

Program Objective: To train yoga teachers in Vinyasa and Restorative styles, in accordance with Yoga Alliance Standards, with the theme of Joyful Awakening through the practice of yoga and teaching yoga. This supports Healing House’s mission of guiding people into their centered hearts through intentional practices, encouraging them to listen to their inner wisdom and trust that it not only guides each of us but also allows us to live our bliss as our greatest service to the whole. We also emphasize yoga as lifestyle, with this training as a commitment to your spiritual path.


* Training takes place in Cusco,Peru—Epicenter for the Awakening of Consciousness
* Q’ero Shaman Andean Offering Ceremony & Other Sacred Andean Experiences
* Individual mentorship by one of our staff
* Learn to teach both Vinyasa & Restorative styles
* Teaching to special audiences
* Guided personal “Authentic Action” project
* Intentional Excursions to Sacred Sights
* Co-creation of our Yoga Fest and Party, and offering your “dream class” to the world.
* Teaching Experience to the public in 5 th week

Practice Includes:
* Daily guided meditation and asana, both Vinyasa and Restorative
* How to build and teach Vinyasa and Restorative Classes
* History and philosophy of Yoga
* Asana Techniques & Workshops on Alignment.
* Pranayama, Mudra, Meditation, and Mantra
* Teaching to beginners, mixed level and advanced students
* Class Intention, Theme & Sequencing
* The Art of Adjustments
* Finding your personal teaching style
* Getting started in the business of Yoga
* Teaching to special audiences
* Empowering yourself as a teacher
* Physical Anatomy and physiology
* Energy Anatomy: Chakras, Nadis, Aura, Bhandas and More
* Yoga as Your Authentic Action
* Sacred Texts: The Vedas, The Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita
* Eight Limbs of Ashtanga
* Dharma and Karma
* Yogic Lifestyle
* Ayurveda, Yoga Nutrition/Diet & amp; Self-care
* Ethics for Yoga Teachers
* Class observation and Practicing teaching
* Intro to Sanskrit

Also included:
* Q’ero Shaman Andean Offering Ceremony
* Individual mentorship by one of our staff
* Guided personal “Authentic Action” project
* Intentional Excursions to Sacred Sights
* Co-creation of our Yoga Fest and Party, and offering your “dream class” to the world.

Lodging at Healing House’s conscious community available upon request!


Our teachers:

Niki Coate

Niki Coate, Healing House founder and Pachananda lead trainer, is passionate about connecting to the wisdom of the heart, and letting that guide both our yoga practice and our lives.  A student of yoga for the past 16 years and a certified yoga teacher for more than eight, Niki’s stylistic influences include: Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa variations, Iyengar, Yin and traditional Hatha.  She loves serving as a coach to new teachers, helping them find their personal voice and style.  In addition to her experience as a yoga teacher, Niki is a student and teacher of philosophy and literature, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher and energy medicine teacher/practitioner.

Hannah Adams


Hannah Adams has been a student of movement for 25 years, and a teacher for 10. She has trained as a competitive boxer, hip hop and salsa dancer, yoga and pilates teacher, Reiki Master, Ayurveda Massage Therapist, Alexander Technique practitioner, and functional anatomist. Hannah is certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer through Balanced Body at Boston Body Pilates.  She achieved her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Inbound Yoga School, as well as her 300-hour YTT at the Rishikesh Yoga Academy. She is a diligent student of The Alexander Technique and functional anatomy. Hannah now teaches full-time at the prestigious Down Under School of Yoga in Boston.


Kali Basman


Certified Yoga Instructor Kali Basman guides Yin Yoga teacher trainings, offering Yin Yoga as a tool to surrender to our intrinsic wholeness.  Dedicated to the path of mindful healing, Kali is celebrated for her integration of the 5 Elements and Chinese Meridian Theory with self-inquiry, embodied Anatomy and Buddhist Philosophy of Equanimity. Kali believes that Yin Yoga is a practice that seeks to mindfully lengthen and lubricate the connective tissues and approach Equanimity in the subtle and emotional body. For Kali, the key to a significant yin practice is that of inclusion, learning to open to and accept every sensation that arises and emerges from within us.  Kali offers classes, teacher trainings, and workshops around the globe from Envision Festival in Costa Rica, to Healing House in Peru, to Detox Retreats in Tulum, and beyond. Kali pays homage to her lineage of teachers, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and Judith Lasater.

Sheri Coate

sheri yoga pict

Sheri Coate, founder of Yoga Bees LLC, loves helping yoga students of all kinds find a yoga that works for them.  With students ranging from children, to people with injuries and handicaps, to the elderly and everyone in between, she is an expert in meeting each student where they are at, and using modifications to create highly-individualized practices.  Sheri has been practicing yoga for 40 years and received her teacher certification in 2011.  Other key influences to her teaching include: 10 years study of dance and movement, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, B.S. and M.A. in Education, and 34 years experience teaching kindergarten and first grade.