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  1. Javiera
    noviembre 21, 2012 at 7:47 am

    There has been such a gap in my story online and part of the jounery was do the healing that was needed and not record it. Hard to explain that after so many years of journal projects and having everyone who came through the Talk Zone be so personally involved with our healing. There is a point at which some healing has to be done alone. And I would guess that is when we are strong enough to go it alone. Which of course for me seems to have made these last years some of the hardest in many ways. I will say though the most rewarding because there was no one to answer to accept myself. As new students/friends/fellow advocates are coming through the Talk Zone I will do my best to get this started and active again. Truthfully though not hard to find the topics, it is truly choosing which one to start with again. So today we start with the first question asked and then work from there. Each day I’ll pick the first question if I can and place my replies and answers with them. If there is no question that morning I’ll pick something else and put the questions in the next morning. I am trying to limit the time I spend at this each day so not to over do it as before. Yep, there is such a thing as doing to much online. Who would have thought! lol Hugs and Healing for everyone! Lady J


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