Reiki Retreat





¿What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal vital life force, from the Great Divine Spirit. It is a spiritually guided and high vibration force, a spiritual consciousness that is linked to our higher selves and the divine. Reiki stimulates the body’s own healing capacities and increases energy and vitality. It relieves pain, reduces stress and deeply relaxes. It heightens intuitive capacities and is a deep source of healing.



¿Que es Reiki?

Reiki es la fuerza vital de la vida universal, desde el Gran Espíritu Divino. Es una fuerza de alta vibración guiada espiritualmente , una conciencia espiritual que está vinculado a nuestro ser superior y lo divino. El Reiki estimula la capacidades curativas del cuerpo , aumenta la energía y la vitalidad. También alivia el dolor, reduce el estrés , relaja profundamente, aumenta las capacidades intuitivas y es una fuente profunda de curación.





Reiki LEVEL 1

Learn to harmonize your own energy as well as direct Reiki to other beigng. Learn how to start your own professional practice ranging from personal energy maintenance techniques to the logistics of a Reiki business. Anchor Reiki into your daily life through creativity, and align with you Higuest Self!.


New Dates : Aug. 26-27-28 / Sept. 23-25 / Nov.11-13 / Feb. 17-19 2020


Reiki LEVEL 2

Transform your experience of time and space, and learn to send Reiki across distance. We will learn and practice various techniques of Distance Reiki Healing , including 

chakra harmonization, purifying spaces and group energy healing.

Prerequisite Reiki Level 1


New Dates: Aug. 29-30/ Sept. 26-27 / Nov. 14-15 / Feb. 20-21 2020


Reiki LEVEL 3

In this Master´s Level Training, commit yourself to your spiritual path as your further elevate your frequency and enhance your capacity to channel energy. Gain powerful tools and techniques for working with the energy body. Learn how to teach and attune/initiate others into the Reiki Path-you complete this course  as a certified Reiki Master Teacher.


New Dates Mastership Nov. 25-26-27-28-29



Reiki is  a poweful energy medicine.
                The pratitioner serves as a channel for universal energy from source; this energy harmonizes and heals. Becoming a Reiki Practitioner not only opens and magnifies your capacity to channel universal energy… It also aligns you with your highest potetial.



If you are interested in doing the training please write an email to | Si estas interesado porfavor escriba al correo:  info@healinghousecusco.com     /    niki@healinghousecusco.com 




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