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If you are in Cusco and would like to be a more active participant of our community, stay in our fantastic Holistic Living Space in our Conscious Living Community.


What is the Consious Living Community ?


It’s designed with three main goals:

1) Helping guests get the most out of their stay with us by making them more aware of why they want to join our family.

2) Bringing “intention” into the experience of staying at Healing House aligns deeply with our mission of conscious living.

3) Building community within our center.


We have a variety of housing options onsite at Healing House and nearby at our three guesthouses. Options range from shared dorms to private rooms with both shared and private baths. Monthly rates range from 710 soles to 1650 soles depending on number of people. We have weekly option too.


Once you’ve started your stay, our staff starts collaborating with you to co‐create your experience. This includes being informed about house events and other info you might like to know before arriving, being introduced to Healing House through a formal tour and welcome when you get here, an initial meeting with one of our staff to get you started in the right direction, and guidance from our staff throughout your stay.


We also love to sit down with you before you leave to help you in your transition into your next step along your path, as well as to gather your feedback about your experience.


Healing House offers unlimited possibilities during your stay, depending on each person’s interests and what they would like to offer/receive while they are here. We love co‐creating roles to help each person have a fulfilling stay, and to honor whatever it is they would love to experience.


What would you love to co‐create with us at Healing House?


If you are interested in joining our Conscious Living Community, please write to info@healinghousecusco.com and we can coordinate your stay with us! 


Thank you!


Find us at Qanchipata, 555 – San Blas

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