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Gratitude Meditation

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Grow your gratitude with this meditation

More and more studies are uncovering what we already know – that gratitude is good for us. At Healing House, gratitude is at the center of all that we do. Here is one of our fave meditations that helps to expand and grow feelings of gratitude.

Sit or stand in stillness. Close your eyes, and intend to feel gratitude.  It will be helpful to think of certain things or people for which you genuinely feel gratitude.  (Don’t force something that doesn’t feel authentic; you might try thanking tiny details such as the taste of a fruit you are about to eat.) 

As you connect with this sensation, inhale deeply and imagine that you are filling your chest up with gratitude; it may help to visualize it as a light or color.  On your exhale, share this force with the rest of your body, out to your fingers and toes.  Repeat this a few times. 

When you feel that you’ve filled your entire body, inhale deeply drawing in more gratitude, and hold the breath in.  Then inhale a little more, and EXPAND YOURSELF WITH GRATITUDE.  As you exhale, send it out into the space around you. 

Repeat with your next few inhales and exhales, expanding further into the space around you: fill the room, the building, the block, the city and beyond. 

Take several breaths inhaling gratitude into you and exhaling it out to anyone or anything you would genuinely like to thank. 

As you do this exercise, notice how you become, lighter, happier, more present, more expansive and receptive. 



  1. Melissa
    junio 12, 2014 at 1:49 am

    I love this!


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