Country: Germany

Languages :English ,Spanish, German

  • Born 1982 in Germany
  • Study of Psychology 2002-2008 (Diploma)
  • Study of Psychotherapy (Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy) 2008-2013 (Approbation)
  • Worked as Psychologist/Psychotherapist in Psychiatric Hospitals and Psychotherapy Practices 2008-2018 in Germany
  • Hatha-Yoga practice since 2009, Kundalini-Yoga practice since 2016
  • Yoga Teacher Training 2018-2019 in Germany (250 hours; Certificate)
  • Course in Metamorphic Technique/Massage“ (Certificate) in Cusco 2019
  • Living in Cusco since April 2019



I work mainly with Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance- and Commitment-Therapy (ACT):

  • Working with Mindfulness techniques in the present moment on actual problems
  • Learning techniques on how to deal with difficult thought patterns and feelings
  • Claryfying where you wanna go in life, what your real passions are, and: how to deal with the obstacles that keep you from living the life you desire.

Indication: in which situations can Psychotherapy be helpful?

When you feel disoriented in life, having a “life-crisis“, your head is turning, thoughts are 

running, you don´t know which decision to make, you are not getting closer to your desires in life, etc.; all kinds of mental problems like depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, etc.



  • Founded by British naturopath and reflexologist, Robert St. John in the 1960´s
  • Technique: a gentle massage on those parts of feet, hands and head, that correspond with the spine
  • Background: in the spine, all our (past) life-experiences are stored – from the time we were a fetus in our mothers belly

What the technique does? 

It releases energy blockages (mikro-traumas) we have accumulated and thereby helps to free yourself from what is holding you back living your full potential in this lifetime