Languages : Spanish (Basic), English 


What would you do with your life if anything was possible? Are you doing what truly makes you happy, or is something holding you back?

For years, Marlon didn’t know what she wanted in life. Something was missing — she just didn’t know what. She felt different, lonely, and misunderstood, and was running around in circles through many ups, downs, and therapies. When she decided to become her true self and discover what really makes her happy, things changed.

Through ThetaHealing , foot reflexology, reiki, and meditation, Marlon discovered that changing your life doesn’t have to be difficult. So she became certified in these tools and now combines them with her intuition to help others create happier, healthier lives like she did.

If you are open for a change, anything is possible. Marlon will help you believe it, feel it, and create it. She will guide you to find the answers to your “why” question and free yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns. Rediscover who you are and become the person you want to be.


If you are looking for a change, there’s good news: you can make it happen now, in all areas of your life. ThetaHealing is a powerful energy healing technique that gets to the core of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues by changing the subconscious beliefs that are causing them.

Through a simple meditative technique, you enter a theta brainwave, where you can easily access your subconscious mind. Marlon will then guide you through some questions to get to the root of your issue. Once we discover the underlying belief and why it’s there, we can replace it with a positive one — and begin to change your reality.

Think of it like the game Jenga. If you remove the block on top of the stack, the rest will stay intact. But if you pull out the bottom piece, the whole stack falls down. This is what we do in ThetaHealing: address the core of the issue so deep healing can occur. And because we’re working with your subconscious, change can happen quickly.


Our entire bodies are connected. Whether it’s your shoulder or your stomach, each body part corresponds with a pressure point on the feet. Reflexology is a foot massage that applies pressure to these areas to help relieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Foot reflexology restores the flow of energy throughout the entire body and helps to clear any blocked energy channels. This relieves stress and pain, increases circulation, eases physical and emotional tension, and transports you into a state of deep relaxation.