Remote Energy Healing Sessions

During this challenging time for humanity, in which many of us are not in physical contact with the outside world, I’m deeply called to offer energy healing sessions remotely, from my home at Pachānanda in Cusco, Peru to yours, wherever you are.


$108 per session.

4-sessions-package = $88 per session ($352 in total).

Paid via paypal before your session, to You are unable to contribute financially, please email me with a special request.
Let’s take responsibility for our own energy, and trust that it also helps the collective.OM SHANTI Niki Coate, Founder of Healing House and Pachānanda School and Retreat Center “

Here’s how it works: 

You email your request to, with your full name, photo, intention and preferred time to receive the healing (1 hour when you can rest undisturbed). Then I facilitate the healing session via distance, like a remote prayer. I work on cleansing and harmonizing your energy field, and address your intention and anything else that comes up, using a variety of energy medicine techniques. Afterwards, I send you an email with any observations, messages and suggestions.