Yoga Service Scholarship

Encouraging Diversity in Yoga

For our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Online, 200 hours, we are offering full scholarships for students who hold a clear vision and mission to take the teachings of yoga into communities that are not normally reached by yoga. This includes our black, brown and indigenous brothers and sisters, as well as any other population who may not have access to or feel accepted into the world of modern yoga.

This scholarship is inspired by the current issues of racism in the United States. Our goal is to help yoga reach more people and more diverse populations, in order to be of greater service to the world at this critical time.

Are you inspired to share yoga with a specific community project? Are you driven and excited to make yoga more accessible to the greater whole?

Here’s how to apply:  

  • Send us a short video telling us about your vision (2 to 4 minutes; this video can be very simple, just you talking to your phone, no need to make a professional video, so long as we can clearly see and hear you).

  • Also send us a letter including: 

    • Who are you?  

    • What is your experience with yoga?

    • What is your vision to take yoga to a community as a service? Include as many details as possible, we want to see that this is a concrete idea that you will follow up on post training. 

What you get:

The complete July 2020 Pachānanda Online Yoga Teacher Training incl. private mentor for FREE! 

What we expect:

      • Scholarship recipients will report back to us over the full year following the training to demonstrate implementation of their service plan.

      • they will also serve as ambassadors of our program by helping with some specific and simple marketing tasks.

Inspired? Get in touch with us:

Yoga can help us all. Let's do this together!