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The Pampamisayocs (shamans) from Q’ero Nation are the most highly regarded Paqos in the Andes and they’re the gatekeepers of the wisdom of the Incas. Papa Siwar, who was president of his community, works in tandem with his wife, Patricia, who is the niece of the last Altomisayoc (the most powerful Andean Priest) in Q’ero Nation. They have 60 years of experience with their practice, of which they use ancient healing techniques that were used by the Incas while calling on the power of the Apus (mountain spirits) to aid them during the healings. We all experience traumas and suffering which create heavy energy that can have a dire impact on our state of being. Papa Siwar and Pacha use a number of powerful techniques that range from restoring lost parts of our souls, to cleaning our physical body of heavy energy to restore us to our harmonized state of being.


  • Soul Restoration 

When one has lost one or more of their souls, life a struggle and there is no equilibrium. This disequilibrium can manifest itself in physical or mental illness. One can lose a soul in the event of trauma and suffering, which means the person never fully heals from the impact. Lost parts of the soul are restored to return the person to harmony.

  • Iniciacines (Initiations+ purification)

These initiations are conducted in order to allow the inductee to begin his spiritual journey, which often involves a spiritual practice and connecting to Pachamama. There are three levels of initiation that participants are able to attain. The initiations must be carried out in a pristine natural space.

  • Ceremonia Familiar (Family/Individual Ceremony)

Mother Earth is always in need of an offering or a tribute for giving us the gift of life. If this isn’t done, then she will be offended, and we won’t receive her blessing. This ceremony is a tribute to Mother Earth and all that she gives us. By doing this ceremony, Mother Earth will bless and give good energy to the attendees.

  • Ceremonia Groupal (Group Ceremony) 

This is a celebration of and a tribute to all that Mother Earth gives us and it must be conducted on a mountain or a clean natural space. This ceremony allows each individual to ask Mother Earth, through a tribute, for help on their paths and receive her blessing.

  • Sanación Pegamento (Mourning Healing) 

This is a healing for someone who has experienced the passing of a loved one and is stuck in the phase of mourning. The spirit of the deceased person is being held back. This problem requires a healing that blesses the spirit of the deceased person so their spirit can continue onto the spiritual plain. Then, the mourner can let go and be relieved of suffering.

  • La Limpieza de Hogar (Home Cleansing) 

You may have negative relationships with people at work or be exposed to unpleasant situations, which causes you to pick up negative energy. You then take this negative energy back to your living space which affects the people who live in that house. The house cleaning is done to cleanse the living space and people of bad energy.

  • La Purificación (Purification)

In order to undertake the initiations, one must first be cleansed of any bad energy. The purification must take place in a pristine lake or waterfall in order to receive the mountain spirits and to develop a connection with Mother Nature. The initiate must enter the water naked and be completely in the moment before submerging for a few seconds.

  • Hanpiy Rumi (Sacred Rocks Healing) 

This healing is done using four sacred rocks. Three rocks that bring positive energy are taken from three different sacred mountains and with them, comes their respective mountain spirits. The fourth rock is used to remove all the negative energy from the patient, which includes worries, anxieties and pains.

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