Sacred Dance Initiation and Training

Exploring Voice & Percussion

In this dynamic workshop, we will explore techniques to free our voices and use them in creative and meditative ways, as well as look at the tradition of drumming in shamanic lineages, and practice some simple ways to deepen states of consciousness through rhythm. You are welcome to bring your own percussion instrument, but we will also provide some for your use.

Creating & Facilitating the Experience

Practice Facilitating with support and feedback from staff

Niki Coate, Founder of The Pachānanda School of SacredDance »

Full Moon Journey: Empowerment & Initiation Dance

This workshop will be a journey through meditation, breath and dance, as our Empowerment & Initiation Dance.  Tapping in to the energy of the full moon and putting together the pieces from throughout our two weeks, we will do some of our most powerful magick of the program.

Excursions to Sacred Sites!

Personal mentoring and holistic therapies

High-vibe vegan and vegetarian food

PLACE: Healing House Cusco

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