Intentional Stay at our Holistic Living Space


If you are in Cusco and would like to be a more active participant of our community you can find peace in our fantastic Holistic Living Space with our Intentional Stay Program.

Intentional Stay at Healing House

What is Healing House?
Healing House is a creative community established to inspire the awakening of consciousness through the study and practice of: holistic heart-based living, energetic and artistic experimentation, and a fusion of ancient schools of wisdom. We empower each other to recognize and share our gifts. This mission sparks organic connection of conscious people, projects and centers throughout the world in an ever-growing web of awareness.
Our energetically charged space, located in the heart chakra of the sacred city of Cusco, is designed for your healing and awakening. We offer holistic living space to people who are ready to dedicate themselves to their own healing and awakening.

Why at least one week?

Community: Healing House is a healing center and intentional community, so we require a minimum one week immersion into our living space.
Self: We welcome people who are dedicated to their spiritual awakening. By committing to at least one week at Healing House, you are honoring your path.
Interested in Learning More?
We offer classes and therapies to the public as well as to our guests. For people new to our community, join one of our many classes to experience the magic of Healing House. Or schedule a treatment with one of our healing staff members from around the globe.

If you are interested in applying for an Intentional Stay, please write to and we will send you an application form to be filled and more info on our rooms and rates.

Thank you!

Find us at Qanchipata, 555 – San Blas

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