Therapies for People in Need

We offer free therapies to local people in need in our weekly Tuesday’s Clinic. These include therapeutic massage, Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, art therapy, yoga therapy, and other services. We match up volunteering therapists with local people, and aim for them to establish a regular treatment schedule/relationship so that the client can benefit as much as possible.


We offer subsidized yoga classes for local people.  Seeking to encourage a more active local participation, several of our weekly classes are offered in Spanish. We also host  weekly Beginners classes in order to help newcomers feel comfortable. Every Sunday we host a donation based class both for foreigners and locals.


We host regular meditation classes (either in Spanish or translated into Spanish) free of charge to all people (traveler or local). We create a comfortable, non-denominational environment, and our classes are suitable for beginners. We structure the class as part informative and part practice, and leave time for sharing and questions at the end of each session.

Health and Wellness Presentations

We host talks and presentations about health and wellness, such as nutrition and environmentalism. These events are sometimes free to all people, and other times we accept donations to support our projects.

Intentional Holistic Living Space, Supporting Creativity

We work with local Peruvians and the travelers who visit us, as well as the people who live at the house. Healing House is a shared holistic living space where people from across the globe can develop their gifts and use them to inspire and educate not only one another, but also their communities at home. The idea is that while a volunteer is staying with us, they are developing their own creative gifts, and offering them to their co-workers and the local Peruvian people.

For locals and foreigners alike, we help people support themselves through their creativity. We’ve helped artists to showcase and sell their photos and jewelry, and authors and chefs to host workshops. We have helped blossoming yoga teachers who want a chance to start teaching, and musicians who need the space and guidance to create. We believe that as each of us pursues our creative dreams, we not only bring beauty into the world and liberate energy that needs to be expressed for our own wellbeing—we also put into practice our capacity to create fulfilling lives for ourselves.