Reiki Sessions: Chakra balancing, full body treatments, and localized sessions.

Reiki energy healing is based on the fact that we are all made up of energy, and that in order to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, we must maintain balance and flow within our energetic bodies. Everyone can benefit from Reiki, whether you want to address a specific illness or issue, you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, or you simply seek profound relaxation. Reiki works on whatever your energetic body needs in order to stimulate the physical body’s natural healing capacities, ease pain and discomfort, as well as help liberate guarded emotions and memories, and stimulate spiritual awareness and awakening. While traditional medicine treats physical symptoms of illness and “dis-ease,” Reiki addresses the energetic root of our discomfort to help correct energetic patterns that infringe upon our health.

Reiki Training: Training in all levels of Reiki, including Master’s level.

Our approach to Reiki training is unique in two main ways: its use of creative art and the inclusion of complimentary techniques. We incorporate creative expression into the flow of the class, using artistic exercises in writing, drawing, movement and sound, in order to help us move individual and group energy as well as to help us understand how energy works. The class also covers various techniques and topics that are complimentary to the traditional Reiki teachings, in order to give students additional tools to use in their practice.

Reiki training is done in three (sometimes four) levels or stages. In each level, the Reiki Master “attunes” the student in a process of energetic opening appropriate to that level.

In level one, which focuses on energy linked to the physical layer of healing, students learn about: the philosophy and history of Reiki, the attunement process, the chakras and how to read and balance them, the use and importance of prayer and meditation, the process of treatment, self-care, hands positions for one’s self and for others, setting up practice space, aura and seeing aura, and quick treatments.

In level two, which focuses on energy linked to emotional and mental healing, we go deeper into all of the topics covered in level one, and students learn about: the philosophy and use of sacred Reiki symbols, how to distance heal, using and sending affirmations, using pendulums and crystals with Reiki, and exercises for mental and emotional healing.

In level three, which focuses on energy linked to the spiritual level of healing, students learn about: the philosophy of level three, use and meaning of additional Reiki symbols, energetic circulation of the body, healing the past and future, the philosophy of manifestation, additional Reiki techniques, the use of bells and sounds, a more in-depth use of crystals and karmic cleansing.

In level four/master’s level, which we often teach in conjunction with level three, students learn how to teach, and how to pass attunements. Level four students pass attunements for all levels before completing the course, after which they are rightfully Reiki masters ready to teach and attune.

In all levels of training, we practice meditation techniques, pranayama, treatments and other exercises. True Reiki attunements can only be passed by a Reiki master – someone who has received the training and attunements from another master within Dr. Mikao Usui’s original lineage. Our Reiki practitioners and teachers are all trained by masters and attuned through the original lineage. Reiki trainings are done in individual, group, and retreat settings.



Deep Tissue Massage: Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. By using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, deep tissue massage is used to treat a variety of physical ailments. It is recommended for: Stress relief, Rehabilitation of injured muscles and the Reduction of Chronic Pain.

Zen Shiatsu Massage: Zen Shiatsu is a massage technique that has its main focus on acupressure, muscle stretching and energy work. Goal of this treatment is to get your body back into balance. Energy flows through your body through 12 main meridians. All of which have contact points fairly close to the surface of the skin. Deeper within the body, the meridians connect with all organs and systems. By stimulating the points on the surface through finger pressure, you can reach many places within the body. Stretching the muscles of the arms, legs, back and neck will help your body feel as a whole again. A couple of muscles in the back and neck will get some extra attention, since those are spots where a lot of people hold stress.

Ayurvedic massage: is a type of massage that comes from Traditional Hindu Medicine, going back for over 3000 years. It approaches the body in a holistic way, looking at the physical, energetic, mental and emotional body, using subtle as well as profound movements. The therapist will not only use his hands, but also his feet and other parts of his body to execute stretches based on yoga poses. This type of massage can be profound, and for that it’s not recommended for people with back problems or injuries, osteoporosis or pregnant women.


Energetic Work

Reiki: The word translates as “Universal Life Force”. The philosophy of Reiki is based on the fact that all beings are made of energy, and that in order to heal and grow, we must do so on an energetic level. Reiki is a spiritually guided and high-vibration force. Reiki can be used to balance energy within one’s energetic body. It stimulates the body’s own healing capacities, and increases energy and vitality.

Trauma Healing: Enables you to find the origin of a sickness, pattern, or pain, including chronic pain. This type of therapy often relies on reconnecting to emotions or remembering a traumatic experience, that you very well may have forgotten or blocked over time. We offer a sacred and safe healing space in which you are able to feel latent emotions or remember forgotten events in order to bring about healing. The communication between the four body parts – emotional, mental, phsyical, and spiritual – can then flow again, helping you to connect with your health, intuition, essence, and life power.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST): is a form of bodywork that uses gentle touch, low- velocity manipulations (slow, with little force), and focused intention. The result is a decrease in pain (physical and/or emotional), improvement in central-nervous-system function, improvement in alignment/ balance, relief from the various effects of stress, and a profound experience of inner peace and stillness. Cranial sacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress from chronic injuries as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, neck and back pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (the inflammation of the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull) and more.

Chakra cleansing and balancing: There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Chakra balancing is a release the stale energy from the body. The clearing of the energy can also balance our emotional state of mind. We clear the chakras of heavy energy accumulated through our lives as a result of trauma. The cleansing process removes heavy, toxic energy in the chakras.

Shamanic drum journeys: These are guided meditations that help us in our healing. Clients lie down, relax, and go on a guided journey with the intent to bring back messages, or power animals that help them heal. Usually the drumbeat makes it easier to journey, and it also indicates the phases of the journey, as well. My task is to make sure everyone is having a great meditation, and help interpret the messages, or explain the role of the power animal. I also do these drum mediations for groups.

Theta Healing: is an energetic healing technique that strives to clear limiting beliefs from your life and help you live your life with positive thoughts and more connection to your inner self and soul. In Theta healing we treat physical pains, mental and spiritual difficulties.

Occupational Therapy: Our therapist has 10 years experience with any kind of brain injuries and likes to help paralyzed people to find their way back into their daily life. The therapy is orientated on daily activities like washing themselves, putting their clothes on, getting up in the morning, shopping, cooking, eating or any other activity the patient likes to learn again.

Yoga Therapy: Generally when we have pain in our bodies this pain is trying to tell us something important.  I utilize training in traditional psychotherapy, family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy combined with body work to assist individuals in understanding the pain in their bodies to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.  After getting to know you I will suggest and guide you through different forms of treatment based on psychological, physical, and emotional needs.  The treatment may look like a yoga sequence that I develop catered to your needs, or a series of affirmations, diet recommendations, or simply practicing different forms of emotion expression.  My goal is to assist you in deepening the connection you already have with your body, to help you release anxiety and/or depression related to your past, and to align with and address your emotional needs in a sustainable way.

Sound Healing: We have all experienced trauma, difficulty processing emotions, and physical pain. These are all examples of sound effecting an individual with a detrimental impact. Using the laws of resonance one can bring the body, mind, spirt, and emotional body back into harmony. By first making the sound of the issue out loud or even silently it validates whatever is happening to the individual and thus makes the transition into harmony possible.

Soul Healing Session: Working with the Angels & Star Beings, Yukia will guide you through healing meditations with her  light Language gifts and  sound harmonic frequencies from her own voice. The approach is  personalized for your situation to release and cleanse your auric or your electro magnetic field, untie you from cords and agreements that you might be holding for along time that are holding you back from fulfilling a happy and joyful life and facilitate a program for your healing where you take the driver’s seat.

Multidimensional Healing: Each Multidimensional Healing session is designed depending on the individual needs of the client. Yukia tunes into her higher Mind , the Akasha of the client’s Soul  and to multi dimensional Beings that she works through her aspects that co exist in the Planets or in the inter Galactic platform . This tuning provides clues of  what the real causes are of the difficulties that you may be experiencing, what past and future life’s maybe affecting you , what is your soul ‘s request and purpose or what  alignments, recalibration’s , repair, healing  or restoration  needs to be facilitated or looked at in order for you to reunite back to Oneness within yourself. 

The sessions will contain transmissions, sound and light language. They also include the creative practice of integration of One’s Self and alignment /anchoring  with  the nature elements within the body of Mother Earth. The process is supported by Sacred Geometry and the wisdom of Higher Consciousness.

Heart-Awakening Journey: Travels both the spiritual and emotional path. Deep and genuine awakening of higher soul awareness can feel blissful, joyful and peaceful; however in the process of ascending to the higher realms of enlightenment, we may also encounter some turmoil, darkness and confusion. We visit the upper world, as referred to in the Andes in Peru, and we also go down to the lower world of the subconscious, to let go, shed and heal unresolved emotions so we may be the embodied beings of transformation here on earth, the middle world. Integration of these different worlds is essential to the heart-awakening process.

Acupuncture: A modality within the greater scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is a complete medicine that can be used to address any type of disorder, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. It is particularly useful before and after intense workouts such as treks or mountain biking if you have chronic issues such as knee or low back pain.