Languages :English ,Spanish

  • Has been on an intention spiritual path for over 25 years exploring many areas of the mystical teachings.
  • Living in Cusco since 2009, she has immersed in the shamanic world as well as the gnostic solar path of the Inca. 




Sound vibration created the universe (“At first there was the word”), so it is safe to say it is one of the most powerful sources of transformation and creation. In spiritually advanced civilizations, such as Egypt and Incan, sound science was a fundamental part of the culture and the basis of ceremonial work. Soul Song Ceremony is an opportunity for you to explore working with the voice as a means of transformation.  In  Soul Song Ceremony you and Winn sing together, creating songs without form, no words or ideas, just pure vocal vibration, created in the moment from the moment, thus allowing intuition, imagination and inspiration to weave the heart song tapestry.